Brands to buy

Why do I need it ?

Obtaining a laptop is good. But having a laptop that suits your needs is better ! We will today turn to the world of work and help our professional friends find the machine or machines that they need. Focus on professional laptops.

Basic use:

If you are looking for a computer to do word processing, accounting data and e-mails, no need to look very far: any computer will do the job – it’s up to you to see the budget you want to put there .

I am a creative:

If you work in multimedia and you have to do the editing photos and videos, know that the appropriate professional software (DTP software like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator of the Adobe suite for example, or Pinnacle Studio for Windows and Final Cut Pro for iOS) are very heavy and require a minimum of power. We strongly recommend favoring a powerful processor and a good graphics card as well as a large screen, very useful for such tasks.

For hyper-connected:

If you work on a “network” with a cloud rather than internally, you will not need a large memory capacity; A big hard disk will not be specially required and it is better to invest in an SSD, which will launch your software faster and therefore be effective, is not it ?

I avoid unpleasant surprises

When investing in a laptop, it’s probably not to be in just 10 minutes a day. To make sure that the product fits you, do not hesitate:

  • To test the screen by browsing, strolling on press articles, YouTube etc. Some slabs (matte, glossy) and their characteristics may only please you on paper so do not go too fast !
  • To test the keyboard: In the same way as the screen, open a blank space and start writing a small text, or what it passes you by the head. It is not a question of tapping here and there, but of feeling if you find your ease on the keyboard: The length, the thickness, the clicking of the keys might not satisfy you …
  • To find out what kind of minimum configuration you need, if you are not the expert. If you need to use a particular software at your job, make sure that the components are powerful enough and that the operating system is compatible with the latest (mostly Windows or iOS).

Towards specialized ranges

Rare are the brands and ranges rather focused professional, but they are not the least:



Dell is one of the undisputed leaders of the professional market. On the e-shop, you can create your own configuration to get a customized computer, which totally meets your choices, your needs, and your budget. It is a price, but also a guarantee of quality.

Toshiba Tecra


The Japanese range Toshiba Tecra will delight the performance enthusiast with solid machines, to say the least very efficient … And all in comfort! It targets businesses that need robust and durable business laptops.

Lenovo ThinkPad


The Chinese Lenovo also positions itself relatively well on the professional market with its ThinkPad range, which itself contains many sub-range to cover all potential needs, passing Thinkpad X for the finesse and the lightness to ThinkPad L for A good price-performance ratio.

Apple MacBook Pro


The Macbook Pro is a little laptop to do everything: Although they were designed for a more professional use than their colleagues Macbook Air etc, many people of all socio-professional categories acquire it. Reliable and efficient, they are particularly effective for image and video processing and will go perfectly to graphic designers, web designers, etc.

Here is some computer in the top 10 for 2016