Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Before you attack bed bug, it is important, as any good warrior would, to get to know your enemy well and recognize the symptoms of his infestation. The more you know about it, the easier it will be to get rid of it and the less you will feel helpless in the face of your infestation. The Bed Bug is tough and coriaceous. But before we tackle it, let us first assure you that you are really the victim of its infestation. Bed bug in English, el chinche in Espanol, Punaise de lit in french, everywhere in the world the bed bug wreaks havoc.

Do you have bites?

bed-bug-bites in the back
Bed bugs bites in the back

The first and most striking symptom will be to find on your body or that of your spouse blistering or itching resembling a few mosquito bites. This blistered redness will itch. It may be that only one of you has bite marks. It happens sometimes. The bed chip likes to choose her meal and it seems that some are more likely to attract her bites than others. Do not discard the presence of bed bugs in your home. Unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites are often grouped or aligned although this is not always the case.

Bed or blood bug excrement on bed sheets

It’s disgusting! But, this is one of the most revealing signs. Replace your sheets with white sheets (which do not hold your heart) if you think you have an infestation of bedbugs. After a few nights, inspect them. If you find traces of excrement or small bloodstains left behind after eating, there is a good chance that you are hosting bed bugs.

Bugs under the seams of the mattress

Insect nocturnal, the bed bug flees the light of day. One of the places she loves to hide is under the seams of your mattress and in your mattress. Remove the sheets and lift the seams. Inspect them thoroughly. Also, check the base and frames of your bed because they also sometimes hide.

Identify the bed bug

Bedbug treatment If you think you have seen it here is how to identify them with certainty. Brown bug, of a size and shape similar to an apple seed (broad and flat), the bed bug is a small baited insect generally between 4 and 8 mm long according to its life cycle. It has no wings and can reach a maximum size of 10 mm. It does not fly and does not jump and has difficulty climbing on metal or polished surfaces. On the other hand, she runs fast like the ant. Once well nourished (of your blood), his body lengthens and becomes darker, stretched by his hearty meal. Elderly bedbugs are paler and are about 1 to 2 mm in diameter, while the eggs of bed bugs are white and do not exceed 1 mm in length.

Understand the bed bug punishing life cycle

The bed bug generally lives 6 to 10 months but it can live even more than a year, see up to 18 months if it goes dormant. When she is dormant, she does not have to feed. During her life, the female will lay about 200 eggs at the rate of 4 to 6 eggs per day. Once the eggs are safe they will take between 6 and 17 days before hatching and the newborn bugs will start feeding on birth. Do you begin to understand why it is so difficult to get rid of this horrible creature?

Feeding the bed bug

Bed bug feeds on your blood I think you already figured out, bed bug are like a vampire in the night because she feeds on you at night. She flees the light and if you wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning, you might even surprise her at work. Bedbug often delights in the same prey over and over again. It is, therefore, possible that only one of you is the victim of his bites. Some people have strong skin reactions to her bites, while for others, her bites remain invisible. If you have cats or dogs, the bed bug could also accommodate it!

Preferred Habitat

Bed bug habitat Although it is possible to find bed bugs in your living room or elsewhere in the house, bed bugs will generally favor places where it is easy to hide while being close to a food source. The bedroom becomes easily their favorite place. They can hide in the folds of your mattress, in your mattress, in the corners of your bed frame, under the tapestry, behind the moldings of floors or windows and even within your walls. This makes it all the more difficult to exterminate. 


Health Canada warning

Health Canada Warns Canadians Not to Use Unregistered Bedbug Control Products

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